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Storing Property Images Using Amazon S3

One of the issues that can arise over time as properties come on then off the market is that your server starts to fill up with old property imagery. The more properties you have, the quicker this becomes an issue. What can eventually happen however is you end up with a full server causing the site to go down.

A quick and easy solution to this is to store all media in an Amazon AWS S3 bucket. Storage with AWS is ridiculously cheap and has no limit on space available. It’s the perfect long-term solution.

We’ve found a fab plugin called S3 Uploads available from the guys at Human Made which makes syncing WordPress media to S3 so easy. We tried it here and managed to get it up and running in less than 2 minutes.

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like it comes as a plugin available from the WordPress plugin repository so you’ll have to download it from their Github page.

Once downloaded and installed, just follow the instructions provided on the Github page to get up and running.