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Display a property search form anywhere on the website using the following:


By default this will output a property search form with an id of 'shortcode' and a class of ‘property-search-form-shortcode‘.

To edit the fields of the form output using our free Template Assistant add on you can either add a new form with an ID of 'shortcode', or if you've already configured the default form you could use them same fields by passing in an id of 'default' to this shortcode (see attributes below).


Attribute: id

Description: The id will determine which fields are shown if using a filter or our free Template Assistant add on to edit the fields. It will also be included in the class name added to the form.

Default: shortcode

Example: [property_search_form id="default"]

Attribute: default_department

Description: Use if wishing to modify the default department from the primary. Accepted values are: residential-sales, residential-lettings, commercial

Default: primary department selected under 'Property Hive > Settings > General'

Example: [property_search_form default_department="residential-lettings"]

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