Emails - Queue

When property email alerts are sent to applicants we put them into a queue and stagger their sending, sending them in batches of 25.

The reason for this is primarily to stop you getting blacklisted as sending out potentially hundreds or thousands of emails in one hit would be frowned upon by email providers and result in your emails going into spam folders or getting flat-out rejected.

Viewing the queue

To access the email queue navigate to 'Property Hive > Settings > Emails > Email Queue':

If you don't see the 'Settings' submenu option available it could mean your user role doesn't have the right permissions as this is only available to administrators.

Change how many properties are send per batch

By default we'll send emails in batches of 25 every 15 minutes . To customise how many are sent per batch you can use a custom snippet like so:

add_filter( 'propertyhive_email_process_limit', 'change_email_process_limit' );
function change_email_process_limit($limit)
    return 50;