Elementor integration

With Property Hive and Elementor you can build templates for search results, property details, featured properties, and more.

You'll have access to a range of Property Hive widgets that you can drag-and-drop into templates:

To benefit from the Elementor functionality required to build these templates you'll need a Elementor Pro subscription. This is not included with Property Hive.

Search results template

Step 1: Create a page in WordPress to act as your search results page

Create a normal page in WordPress from within 'Pages' to act as your Search Results page. This might be called something like 'Search Results' or 'Property Search'.

Step 2: Select this page in Property Hive settings

From within 'Property Hive > Settings > General' ensure you have the page created in step 1 selected as your 'Search Results Page':

Step 3: Create a new Elementor Archive template

Now to create the template in Elementor. Navigate to 'Templates > Theme Builder':

Click 'Add New':

Select 'Archive':

Step 4: Add a search form, result count and order dropdown

If you require a search form, result count, or the ability to order properties, drag in the necessary widgets to where you want these to display on the page:

Step 5: Add the properties

To add the properties we're going to take advantage of a feature introduced in Elementor Pro 3.8 called 'Loop Builder'. Other third party plugins are available to do a similar thing but in this example we'll use the standard Elementor Pro functionality.

Drag in the 'Loop Grid' widget where you want the properties to display:

You'll be asked to select a loop template. You can choose from an existing template if you have one, or create a new loop template whereby you can design how you want each individual property result to look.

Step 6: Set the loop grid query ID

By default the 'Loop Grid' widget will pull in all properties, regardless of on market status and any filters/order set.

To rectify this we need to enter a query ID.

Expand the 'Query' section of the Loop Grid widget and enter the query ID as 'onmarketpropertyquery':

By having this query ID entered it will also ensure the properties returned respect any filters that are set from search forms, ordering and more.

Step 7: Set template conditions

When saving the template, ensure you select 'Properties Archive' from the list of conditions:

Property details template

Featured properties

To display featured properties using Elementor on a homepage or similar, you can follow steps 5-6 from the 'Search Results Template' above.

Instead of entering the query ID as 'onmarketpropertyquery' however you would enter 'featuredpropertyquery':