Enquiries are going to the wrong email address

The enquiries will go to the office that the property is assigned to. Offices can be configured under ‘Property Hive > Settings > Offices’.

If no office is assigned to a property (though this scenario shouldn’t be possible) it will go to the primary office.

If an email address hasn’t been found at this point it will fall back to using the WordPress administrator email address and the sent the enquiry will be sent to them.

Errors when clicking send or emails not being received

We use the in-built WordPress sending mechanisms (i.e. the wp_mail() function) when it comes to sending emails from Property Hive. If there is an issue with errors being received it's most likely at the WordPress level.

Some quick checks you can do are:

  1. If you have other non-Property Hive forms on your website such as a form on a Contact Us page, does this work?
  2. Are the enquiries set to go to the right email address? See the section above about where enquiries are going to the wrong email address.
  3. Are you using an SMTP plugin? An SMTP plugin will always increase the reliability and deliverability of emails and is recommended if sending emails from your site.