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Data Bridge – Houzez

The Houzez data bridge automatically syncs data from Property Hive into Houzez.


Once the add on is installed and activated, a new settings area will appear under 'Property Hive > Settings > Houzez'.

From here you can choose whether the sync is enabled or not.

Once enabled, data syncs will happen every 15 minutes.

Available Hooks

We have one hook available should you wish to customise any of the data synced. This action is called 'propertyhive_houzez_property_synced' and an example of using it can be found below:

add_action( "propertyhive_houzez_property_synced", "custom_houzez_sync_code" );

// $post_id - The Post ID of the property in WordPress
// $synced (true/false) - Whether the property was synced or not.
// Only properties that have been modified since the last time the sync ran will be synced
function custom_houzez_sync_code( $post_id, $synced )
    // Do custom sync code here

Making Editing Properties More Manageable in WordPress

In the event that you're editing properties manually in WordPress, making changes to properties can be made difficult by the fact that the edit property screen shows both the Houzez fields and the Property Hive fields due to them both using the same custom post type name.

As the data bridge sync only works one way (from Property Hive to Houzez) it's important that the Houzez fields are left untouched and only the Property Hive fields are edited. To make this easier one thing you can do is hide the Houzez fields by clicking 'Screen Options' in the top-right corner and unticking 'Property':