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Data Bridge – Real Estate 7

The Real Estate 7 data bridge automatically syncs data from Property Hive into Real Estate 7.


Once the add on is installed and activated, a new settings area will appear under 'Property Hive > Settings > Real Estate 7'.

From here you can choose whether the sync is enabled or not.

Once enabled, data syncs will happen every 15 minutes.

Resolve The Taxonomy Clash

Real Estate 7 uses a taxonomy called 'property_type' that was also use in Property Hive. As such, this causes a conflict. To get around this you need to make a change to the Contempo Core plugin that comes with the Real Estate 7 theme.

Open the following file:


... and comment out or remove lines 39-62 where it's registering the property_type taxonomy.

As much as we don't approve of modifying core plugin files this is the only way to achieve an integration between Real Estate 7 and Property Hive.