The enquiries list

The enquiries list allows you to view, search, filter and sort enquiries that exist within Property Hive:

Searching for an enquiry

If you know the name of the enquirer or the address of the property being enquired about, simply enter your search term in the top right corner and click 'Search Enquiries':

Filtering enquiries

From the main enquiry list you can filter your enquiries by a wide array of fields:

By default you can filter by:

  • Date - Filter by the month and year that the enquiries are received
  • Status - Whether to show open, closed or all enquiries. Defaults to filtering by 'Open'.
  • Source - Where did the enquiry originate from. Either entered manually by a member of staff, received through the website or, if you have automated feeds to property portals in place and import enquiries, these will be listed here too.
  • Office - Filter by offices setup under 'Property Hive > Settings > Offices'.
  • Negotiator - Filter by negotiator. Negotiators should exist as standard WordPress users.

The enquiry result

For each result shown in the enquiries list we'll show key information about the enquiry including:

  • Subject of the enquiry
  • Status (open or closed)
  • Source (where the enquiry originated)
  • Details of the property(s) being enquired about
  • Assigned negotiator
  • Assigned office
  • Date the enquiry was received

Customising the columns shown

You can customise the columns shown by clicking 'Screen Options' in the top right:

You'll then be presented with a list of the columns and the ability to turn each of them on or off:

For more advanced customisation of the columns shown, such as being able to reorder the columns or add additional custom columns, you can use a third party plugin like Admin Columns.

Customising the number of enquiries shown

You can customise the number of enquiries shown per page by clicking 'Screen Options' in the top right:

You'll then have the option to customise the number of enquiries shown (defaults to 20):