The viewing record

The viewing record is where you view details and manage the status of the viewing.

The structure of the page should look familiar if you're already used to using Property Hive, but should also be easy to navigate if you're new to WordPress.


The design of the viewing record (and records throughout Property Hive) follow a similar format whereby it's separated into intuitive tabs allowing you to jump straight to the section you require.

'Summary' tab

The 'Viewing Details' meta box will show the status of the viewing, and any additional information relevant to the status.

The 'Event Details' meta box shows details of the appointment including:

  • Date and time
  • Duration. Useful if you're using our Calendar add on
  • Attending negotiators. Negotiators should exist as standard WordPress users.
  • Booking notes
  • Which parties (the owner/landlord and attending negotiators) have confirmed

The 'Applicant Details' meta box displays the name and contact details of the applicant(s) attending the viewing.

Multiple applicants can be assigned to a viewing. You can add additional applicants by searching for their name if they already exist in Property Hive, or click the 'Create new applicant' button.

The 'Property Details' tab shows details of the property being viewed including address, and the name and contact details of the owner or landlord.

Click the property address to go through to the property record, or the contact name to go through to the contact record.

'History & Notes' tab

All key activity on a viewing such as status changes will be recorded in the 'Viewing History & Notes' meta box.

Notes can be added using the 'Add Note' form and pinned using the 'Pin To Top' link.

Any pinned notes will be added to a separate 'Pinned Notes' meta box, visible as soon as you enter the viewing record to ensure they are seen:


On the right hand side of the viewing record you will find an 'Actions' meta box.

The action buttons available here will change depending on the status of the viewing.

Some actions will change the status immediately. Others (e.g. the 'Applicant interested' button) will allow you to enter more information: