Sending email booking confirmations

How to send viewing booking confirmations

When in a 'pending' viewing (i.e. a viewing that hasn't been carried out yet), you'll have 3 actions available to use from the 'Actions' meta box on the right of the viewing record that will allow you to send email booking confirmation:

If an option to send an email booking confirmation to the applicant doesn't appear, it's likely because there is no applicant assigned to the viewing. Likewise for owner and negotiator.

Simply click the relevant button and the booking confirmation will be emailed immediately to the relevant party:

The action will then change accordingly to show the booking confirmation has been sent, and when:

Customising the email confirmation templates

The default email subject and body can be customised under 'Property Hive > Settings > Emails'.

Customising the emails before they're sent

Under 'Property Hive > Settings > Emails' you can also specify that the email confirmations to be sent can be customised prior to sending:

With this option selected you'll have the ability to customise the confirmation email subject and body before it gets sent:

Great for if you want to add specific instructions about where to meet or to personalise the confirmations further.