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Map View and Draw-a-Search

Settings Explained

When the Map Search add on is activated you'll be presented with a new settings area from where you can customise various aspects of the map search. This can be accessed from within WordPress under 'Property Hive > Settings > Map Search'.

The editable settings are as follows:

Map Search Layout
By default users will be shown the ability to switch between 'List View' and 'Map View' when viewing the search results page. This setting allows you to turn off this feature. This is useful if you want to add your own controls for switching views, or only want to offer a map view. In the future we will also add another layout option here which is to display the list and map side-by-side.

Map Marker Icons
Don't like the standard Google map marker? Not a problem. Here you can choose to use a custom icon. You can even use a custom marker dependant on the type of the property (house, bungalow etc).

If choosing the latter option you'll be presented with the ability to upload custom icons per property type under 'Property Hive > Settings > Custom Fields > Property Types'.

Map Style JavaScript Array
The Google Maps API allows you to customise every aspect of the map, from whether labels should be shown to the colour of the sea.

You can either generate your own styles, or use tools such as Google's Styling Wizard or SnazzyMaps.

Enable Draw-A-Search
Activating this feature will present users with the ability to draw a custom polygon around the area in which to search for properties.

The default position shown on the map uses the primary office's co-ordinates. To set or edit this you can manage offices under 'Property Hive > Settings > Offices' and enter a lat/lng for the primary office.

Note that the Draw-A-Search feature will only work if the site is running on a server that has MySQL version 5.6.1 or later.


Google Maps API Key

Please note that a valid Google Maps API key will need to be entered under 'Property Hive > Setting > General > Map' for the Google maps to appear.

More about maps here.



The map search component can be added to any bespoke location on your website by using the following shortcode:




Attribute: department

Description: By default will show all departments.

Possible Values: (empty), residential-sales, residential-lettings, commercial

Default: (empty)

Example: [propertyhive_map_search department="residential-sales"]

Attribute: scrollwheel

Description: Whether the map should zoom in and out when the user uses their scrollwheel

Possible Values: true, false

Default: true

Example: [propertyhive_map_search scrollwheel="false"]