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Openview by VTUK

1: Inside your Openview account create a new portal and select 'Rightmove' as the 'Portal Type':

2. 'Set 'Portal Name' to something recognisable (i.e. 'Feed to website').

3. Set 'Portal URL' as your website URL homepage.

4. Set 'Network ID' to any number. This isn't actually used in the import process but can't be left blank so just needs a value entering.

5. Navigate to Property Hive and create a new import, selecting the 'Format' as 'Rightmove Real-Time Data Feed':


6. When you create a new import the endpoints will contain a number on the end. Ensure the endpoints match the above with no additional numbers, and that the 'Branch Email' endpoint is left blank as Openview do not support this yet.

You're then ready to save a property inside Openview and it should be sent to the website instantly. Every time a property is pushed we will insert a log which can be useful for debugging any issues under 'Property Hive > Import Properties > View Logs'

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