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Reapit Foundations

Install The Property Hive App

Navigate to the Property Hive App on the Reapit Foundations Marketplace and click Install.

Send Us Your Billing Email Address

Because the Reapit API charges per API request you will be billed monthly based on your usage and the number of API calls made. We will get billed for this so in turn will be invoicing you accordingly. As such please provide the best email address for communications regarding this and we'll be in touch about setting up a Direct Debit for the monthly charges.

Failure to pay for API usage may result in us suspending your customer ID within the app meaning imports to your website will cease.


How much will these monthly charges be?

It depends on how many properties you have, and if you've followed the advice from the "Tips on Reducing Your API Usage" section below.

According to Reapit, API requests are charged at 0.01p. Each time an import runs we do:

- one request for every 100 properties
- one for images
- one for negotiators every 24 hours
- one for areas, only if you utilise locations under 'Property Hive > Settings > Custom Fields > Locations'

Based on the above, assuming you have 500 properties, the properties have an average of 10 images each, and the import runs doing updated properties only once a day, technically you should be looking at a couple of pounds per month. Set it to run every 15 minutes however and these costs will be multiplied by 96.

Typically we see monthly costs for clients ranging between £10 and £200.


Tips on Reducing Your API Usage

1: Reduce how frequently the imports run.

2: Check the 'Only import updated properties' setting

3: Ensure you're running the latest version of the Property Import add on. We are continuously making optimisations that may reduce the number of API requests, thus reducing monthly costs.