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Street CRM

Step-by-step process of setting up a working feed for: [www.yourStreetURL.com]

  1. Log into your "www.yourStreetURL.com/login", using Email & Password
  2. Go to the "Admin" sidebar menu, then Settings:
    Street Admin Settings Area

  3. Scroll down to "Account Administration" sidebar menu > Applications (confirm account password if requested)
  4. street crm - account admin - applications

  5. In the "Applications" window, you'll see a number of previously created API keys.
    (or it will be blank if this is a brand-new account)
  6. List of API Keys

  7. Scroll to the bottom and find "Create new application".
  8. Enter an "Application Name" which will represent your API key and select only Property Feed API, then press Create.
    Create new application API Keynew API key - application name and feed api

    NOTE: This will generate your API key/token for the import feed.
    Please, make a note of the new API token. You will not be able to retrieve the token once you leave the page.

    New created API key/token

  9. Copy this unique API Key and head to:
    Property Hive Plugin > Import Properties > Step 1. Create a New Import > Import Type (Automatic)
  10. Import addon - automatic import setup

  11. In the Import Properties “Step 2. Enter Details”, select "Street API" from the Import Format dropdown menu.
  12. automatic import setup - select street format

  13. Once selected, please insert the API key you copied from your Street Applications window.
    Make sure they are no empty spaces in the textbox or parts of the key missing.
  14. automatic import setup - API Key and Base URL

    In the API Base URL, copy and paste: [yourStreetURL.com](with no “/” on the end),
    or leave as default API Base URL: "https://street.co.uk", if Street hasn’t provided you with one.

    "Only import updated properties" should remain unticked, as this is your first import and this will ensure that all the properties in the feed are included during the import.