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My Exports Aren't Running Automatically

If you've got your export(s) setup but they aren't running automatically there are a few things to check:

1. Check the FTP details entered are valid

You can test the FTP details entered are correct and don't contain any trailing spaces etc. If you're not familiar with FTP details, you can test them on a site like https://ftptest.net/.

2. Ensure WordPress cron events are firing

It's possible that none of WordPress's cron events are firing, not just Property Hive's. To check this you can:

i) Install the plugin WP-Crontrol.
ii) Navigate to 'Tools > Cron Events'.
iii) If cron events aren't firing you'll see a red warning/error displayed and the reason. Normally this is a server configuration change required such as enabling cURL or similar. An alternative is use Alternative Cron or a Linux cron job.

Getting automated tasks running is not just good for getting the exports running, but also means other WordPress automated tasks are executed as these perform a variety of tasks (clean up old revisions etc).

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