Setting up an import from Decorus

This page contains information specific to Decorus. For a general guide on setting up a property import, please see our 'Creating your first property import' guide.

Using this format requires you to create an FTP user and folder on your server specifically for the third party that will be sending the feed.

How you do this depends on your hosting and what control panel access you have. If you're not sure we recommend you ask your hosting company.

We recommend when setting up a new FTP user that you set the users 'home directory' (the directory they get put into by default when they connect) to the new folder in question.

That way they will have access to this folder only, and not any other files on your site.

When creating an import from Decorus, you'll be presented with the following fields:

Local Directory - The directory on your server where the third party will be uploading the files too.

This does default to your sites full server path followed by '/wp-content/uploads/ph_import/' but can be customised accordingly based on the FTP folder you setup.

This field should contain the full server path from the very root of the server. The directory added by default when setting up a new import does contain this.