Reapit Foundations

Setting up an import from Reapit Foundations

This page contains information specific to Reapit Foundations. For a general guide on setting up a property import, please see our 'Creating your first property import' guide.

Please note that Reapit charge per API request. This means that, depending on your subscription with Reapit, you may receive a monthly bill from Reapit based on the number of API calls made.

Reapit will be able to confirm whether API charges are inclusive or your subscription with them or not.

Install The Property Hive App

Navigate to the Property Hive App on the Reapit Foundations Marketplace and click 'Install'.

Set up the import in Property Hive

When creating an import from Reapit Foundations, you'll be presented with the following fields:

Customer ID - You will need to obtain your Customer ID directly from Reapit.

Only import updated properties - To ensure feeds run quicker and more efficiently you can tick this option to only import properties that have changed since the last time an import ran.

We strongly recommend that you tick 'Only import updated properties' because a charge is made for each API call.

How much will the monthly API charges be?

This is a hard one to answer because:

  • It depends on the number of properties being imported, how often they're updated, how frequently you have the import set to run and how much traffic your website gets (as traffic to the site is what triggers the automatic imports).
  • The API request charges are done on a sliding scale (i.e the more requests that are made, the cheaper each request is)
  • All API requests made across all Property Hive users are taken into account when Reapit calculate the costs using the above sliding scale method. Therefore, the more agents using the Property Hive-Reapit integration and the more requests that are made, the cheaper it becomes for all clients involved.

As a very rough guide however, current typical charges are:

  • 50 on market properties with the import set to run hourly is approximately £1.40 per month
  • 300 on market properties with the import set to run hourly is approximately £50 per month
  • 150 on market properties with the import set to run every 15 minutes is approximately £88 per month

Note: The above are just guides and should be taken as just that.

Tips on Reducing Your API Usage

1: Reduce how frequently the imports run.

2: Check the 'Only import updated properties' setting

3: Ensure you're running the latest version of the Property Import add on. We are continuously making optimisations that may reduce the number of API requests, thus reducing monthly costs.