Custom field mapping

Under 'Property Hive > Settings > NovaLoca Feed' you'll have the ability to map the property types setup in Property Hive to the ones that are supported in NovaLoca exports:

This will show a red or yellow message if there are mappings that require attention or are missing.

Alternatively it'll show a green message if everything is mapped:

To edit the mappings click into the custom field and you'll be presented with the ability to map the custom field values:

On the left are all the custom field values setup in Property Hive.

On the right is a dropdown containing all the values accepted by NovaLoca.

We recommend that you work down the list and pick the best match from the dropdown.

Once all dropdowns contain a value click 'Save changes'.

If you ever customise the custom field values in Property Hive you'll need to adjust these mappings accordingly.