Overriding the template

To change the HTML output as part of the calculator you can override the Stamp Duty Calculator template into your own theme and make the necessary changes.

This also means you won't lose the changes should you update the plugin in future.

The steps to override the template are:

  1. Create a folder called propertyhive in your theme.
  2. Copy the template(s) from %YOUR_PLUGIN_DIR%/propertyhive-stamp-duty-calculator/templates/stamp-duty-calculator.php to %YOUR_THEME_DIR%/propertyhive/stamp-duty-calculator.php.

The above instructions are related to the calculator that uses the English rates output using the [stamp_duty_calculator] shortcode.

If you're using the Scotland rates and using shortcode [stamp_duty_calculator_scotland] the template name will be stamp-duty-calculator-scotland.php.

This follows the same principle as overriding core Property Hive templates.