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Property Hive Plugin – Updates

Keeping Property Hive updated means you benefit from all of the latest features, bug fixes, security updates, and more.

As with installation, updating Property Hive can be done either automatically or manually.

Please ensure that before any updates are ran, you take a full backup of your current site. More information on backing up WordPress can be found here:



After you backup your site go to ‘Plugins > Installed Plugins‘ within WordPress to view a list of plugins you’ve previously installed.

If an update to Property Hive is available you will see a notice beneath the plugin listing which states the new version number, as well as a link to view the details of that version and to upgrade automatically.

To upgrade simply click the ‘Update Now’ link. You may be asked for your web servers FTP details. If that’s the case fill them in to complete the upgrade.


To manually update Property Hive, first, backup your site, then download the latest version of the plugin from our WordPress plugin repository and upload it to the wp-content/pluginsdirectory on your web server overwriting the old files.

When you next visit the site, any updates required to the database will be made by WordPress.

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