Properties are being rejected or failing to send

Please check the logs to see the response provided by the third party.

Normally this will tell you what's wrong. Normally property type is empty, or postcode contains an invalid character or similar.

Properties are being rejected because no property type, but my property does have one set

Please ensure you have completed the 'Custom field mapping' settings.

Properties are mysteriously disappearing

This is almost always because you have the real-time feed running on two sites. Please ensure it's not running on an old development site or similar.

If you have a staging and live site that are kept in sync automatically, and it's hard to always ensure it's turned off on the staging site, you can ensure requests are only sent from one place using something like so:

add_filter( 'ph_rtdf_perform_request', 'disable_rtdf_requests' );
function disable_rtdf_requests($perform)
    // Change '' to the IP of the live server
    if ( $_SERVER['SERVER_ADDR'] != '' ) 
        return false;
    return $perform;

The portal are unable to obtain photos

We've seen security plugins in the past have a feature which for some reason blacklists third parties IP addresses.

A quick way to see if this is the cause is to deactivate any security plugins and try sending a property again. If it works successfully reactivate the security plugin and turn off any settings/features that relate to blacklisting.

Enquiries/leads aren't importing from the portal into Property Hive

This can be caused by a number of reasons:

  1. No API URL has been entered into the portal settings.
  2. The portal feed 'Mode' isn't set to 'Live' in the portal settings.
  3. The third party portal hasn't enabled the exporting of enquiries their end.
  4. You have the 'Enquiries' module disabled under 'Property Hive > Settings > General > Modules'.