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The Process

The process of getting properties to appear on the live Rightmove website is normally as follows:

1. Purchase, install and activate the RTDF Add On

2. Contact Rightmove and inform them you’re looking to start sending properties using the real-time feed

3. They might send you a form to fill in asking for the client details and your details.

Important: If they ask for ‘data provider details’ this will be your details. Property Hive is not the data provider, We're simply the tool being used.

4. They will send you the following:

  • A zip containing a variety of certificates. The one we’re interested in is the .pem file
  • A password needed to extract files from the zip (sometimes referred to as an ‘Archive Password’ or 'Zip Password').
  • A password for the certificate itself
  • A network ID
  • A branch code
  • A set of URLs

The first set of details provided will likely be for testing purposes and will change when the feeds are ready to go live.

5. Once these have been entered you’ll then demonstrate that you can add and remove properties successfully.

6. When everything is ok and all tests pass, Rightmove will send you a new set of certificates and URLs from step 4 to be uploaded.

That is obviously a high-level overview of the process. Next we’ll look at how and where to enter the above information, as well as common troubleshooting issues.