General - CAPTCHA

Prevent spam and bots from submitting forms by enabling CAPTCHA functionality on Property Hive forms.

To access the CAPTCHA settings navigate to 'Property Hive > Settings > General > CAPTCHA':

If you don't see the 'Settings' submenu option available it could mean your user role doesn't have the right permissions as this is only available to administrators.

You'll have the ability to select which CAPTCHA service you use and, when an option is selected, you'll need to enter the site key and secret:

The CAPTCHA services that we currently support are:

Support for Cloudflare Turnstile coming soon.

With the service selected and relevant details entered, a CAPTCHA will now be present on Property Hive forms

The forms effected by this are:

  • Property 'Make Enquiry' form
  • Applicant registration form
  • Send to Friend form (separate add on)