General - Lettings Fees

As a letting agent it's a requirement to display any fees that might be incurred whilst letting a property.

You might have a separate page on your website where you declare your fees, but we also offer the option to display these on a per property basis next to any prices output

Editing lettings fees

To edit the lettings fees you can navigate to 'Property Hive > Settings > General':

If you don't see the 'Settings' submenu option available it could mean your user role doesn't have the right permissions as this is only available to administrators.

You'll then see a freetype text area where you can enter the lettings fees:

If you have both the 'Residential Lettings' and 'Commercial' departments active you'll have two fields appear, one for each department as the fees may differ depending on the type of property.

Displaying lettings fees

With the lettings fees entered you can now choose where they should appear:

With the above selected, on the frontend of the website, everywhere the price is output you'll now have a 'Tenancy Info' link appear automatically appear next to the price that, when clicked, opens the fees entered above in a lightbox: