General - Miscellaneous

For settings that don't really belong anywhere else, don't warrant their own section, or that maybe aren't as impactful, they've been put into a 'Miscellaneous' section.

This is accessible by navigating to 'Property Hive > Settings > General > Miscellaneous':

If you don't see the 'Settings' submenu option available it could mean your user role doesn't have the right permissions as this is only available to administrators.

Let's take a look at each setting individually:

As you have probably already noticed, we keep making Property Hive better, adding new features and improving and building upon the current features.

To do that, we try to learn from our users what works, what doesn’t, what can be optimised, and how much usage certain features are getting so we can best spend our limited time wisely.

With this ticked you'll help us build a better product but sending us the following information:

This is the information that is sent to us:

  • License key
  • URL
  • PHP version
  • WordPress version
  • Server software
  • Property Hive version
  • Property Hive install date
  • Admin email address (won't ever be shared or used for marketing purposes)
  • WordPress settings (multisite, language, theme, plugins)
  • Property import formats being used when the Property Import add on is in place
  • How many of each post type you have