General - International countries and currency settings

Although Property Hive was primarily built for UK estate agents, there's no reason to say it can't be used in other countries around the world with our in-built support for other countries and currencies. You can even list properties in multiple countries and currencies on the one site.

To access the international settings area you can navigate to 'Property Hive > Settings > General > International':

If you don't see the 'Settings' submenu option available it could mean your user role doesn't have the right permissions as this is only available to administrators.

Let's look at the settings available on this page:

Default Country

The primary country that you operate in. This will be the default country selected when adding a property.

Countries where you operate

Select all the countries that you operate in. To select multiple you can hold ctrl/cmd whilst clicking.

If you have multiple countries selected you'll be able to select the country when entering properties and contacts:

Depending on the countries you select here, this will then determine the currencies available to choose from when entering a property's price.

If you have just 'United Kingdom' selected then when entering prices the currency will default to £:

If you have just 'Spain' selected then when entering prices the currency will default to €.

If you have 'United Kingdom' and 'Spain' selected then when entering prices you'll have the option to choose which currency the price should be stored in:

Changing the country(s) DOES NOT change the currency for any pre-existing data stored in Property Hive. You would need to manually go through existing data and set/re-save it accordingly.

Price thousand/decimal separators

This determines how prices are output and which characters should be used the thousand and decimal separators.

By default prices would look like this:


But with these settings this could be updated to so prices are displayed like so:


A word about currencies and exchange rates

Property Hive is unique in that once a day we go off and obtain the latest currency exchange rates. By doing this we can reliable filter and order properties regardless of their currency.

For example, if you had three properties stored with the following currency/price:

Property A - £500,000

Property B - £300,000

Property C - ¥80,000,000 (equivalent to about £400,000).

If someone were to order prices by lowest to highest we could reliably do so and they would come out in the following order:

Property A - £500,000

Property C - ¥80,000,000

Property B - £300,000

This logic is true for all areas of Property Hive including filtering property by a min/max price, and matching applicants to properties based on price.