Accessing logs

When you access your Zoopla exports you'll be able see logs for all requests made when sending or removing a property:

This list will show a maximum of 250 logs from the past 7 days in date descending order and will show:

Failure/Success - See at a glance whether the request was successful, or if an error occurred. A failed request could be down to a number of reasons including:

i) Authentication issues with the certificates

ii) Incorrect branch ID(s)

iii) Wrong API URLs, including using live API URLs instead of test/sandbox API URLs

iv) Configuration issues at the third party's end

v) Issues with the property details such as missing mandatory information

Portal name - The portal in question

Date/Time - The date and time that the request was made

Property address - The address of the property in question

Log details

When you select a log you'll see a complete breakdown:

As well as the basic information available to view from the dropdown, here you'll be able to see a full dump of the request sent to the portal and the response.

If a property is failing to send or get removed we recommend you look in the 'Response' field to see what the third party portal are reporting as the issue.