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Sending Properties

Once you’ve added the portal you need to select which properties should be sent. You can do this by editing a property record in WordPress and navigating to the ‘Marketing’ tab. Here you’ll see the portals listed that you can check to specify whether it should be sent or not.

Note: As well as the portal tickbox needing to be ticked, the ‘On Market’ tickbox should be checked also should you wish a property to be sent.

As soon as you click the ‘Publish/Update’ button the property will be sent to the portal(s) immediately. If the ‘On Market’ and portal tickboxes are ticked a CREATE/UPDATE request will be sent, otherwise a DELETE request will be sent. A DELETE request will also be sent if the property is drafted or trashed.

If all is successful no errors will be shown. Should an issue arise you’ll be notified and provided with a quick link to get to the logs so you can see exactly what the error was.

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