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Everything relating to the real-time data feeds can be found in WordPress under ‘Property Hive > Settings > Zoopla RTDF'.

The screen that you land on when entering the ‘Zoopla Real-Time Feed’ settings page is broken up into three main sections:



All current portal feeds appear in this table along with the ability to edit them and add more. Most of the time this will likely contain just one feed but the ability to have multiple feeds running is possible.



Here you’ll be able to see a complete log of every transaction that occurred during the past 7 days. You’ll be able to see whether requests were successful or if they failed, the reason for any failures, as well as the full request and response.

If a property ever fails to send, this is the first place we recommend checking as it’s likely the cause can be found here.


Custom Field Mapping

We need to know how the custom fields (i.e. property type etc) you have setup in Property Hive, relate to the custom fields that the portals are expecting. For example, if a property is set to be a 'Detached House' in Property Hive, we need to map that to the equivalent value that the portal supplies.

Simply toggle through each of the custom fields and assign the correct values.