The property imports list

The following guide assumes you have the Property Import feature enabled.

If you have imports set up they'll be shown in a table like so:

In this table the following information will be shown:

Format - The CRM/format being used.

Details - Details of the feed. This will differ based on the selected format.

Import frequency - How often the import will run automatically. This can be 'Every 15 minutes', 'Hourly', 'Twice daily', 'Daily' or 'Exact Hours' where you specify that it should run at a specific time(s).

Last ran - When the import last ran. It will also show 'Running now...' if the import is currently in progress.

Next due to run - If the import is active then the date and time that the import is next scheduled to run will show here.

Note that this might not be exact due to the way automated tasks in WordPress work. We've written more about 'Automated Tasks' here.

Actions - Various actions including the ability to start/pause/resume the import, edit the settings or mappings, delete the import (only shows when inactive) and to view the logs.

Underneath the table, as long as you have one or more active imports, you'll see a 'Run now' button.

This allows you to manually run imports without having to wait for them to execute automatically.