Switching to another CRM

If an existing import is in place from one CRM but the agent moves to another CRM, the import will then need updating. But what happens to existing properties, and what's the best way to go about this?

The recommended steps in this situation are as follows:

We first recommend that you test the new CRM import details on a backup/staging site. If you make the switch and there's an issue with the details provided by the CRM you'll be left with no properties on the site until they can rectify the issue.

  1. Pause the existing import by navigating to 'Property Hive > Import Properties' and click 'Pause Import' on the feed in question.
  2. Remove all existing properties by navigating to 'Property Hive > Properties' and bulk-removing all the properties. How you do this can effect SEO and is up to you but some options include:

    i) Trash everything

    ii) Trash just the on market properties as these should be replaced and be the same properties that come through in the new feed.

    iii) Just mark the current on market properties as off market. The only issue with this is it could result in duplicates (one off market property from the old import, and one on market property from the new import)

  3. Setup the new feed as a new import under 'Property Hive > Import Properties'.

Don't forget when moving to a new CRM that they might need to configure their software re mailout links to use the correct URL format.