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Displaying a Link to Lettings Fees

To display lettings fees you'll need to override your single-property/price.php template and add the link accordingly. In the example below we're opening the fees in a lightbox but you could also link to a separate page.

Step 1 - Override single-property/price.php

You'll need to override this template so as to not lose your changes when you update in the future. You'll need to copy:




Step 2 - Add lettings fees link

Within this price.php template then add the following where you would like the link to appear:

if ($property->department == 'residential-lettings')
    echo ' <span class="fees-apply-link"><a data-fancybox data-src="#lettings_fees_lightbox" href="javascript:;">' . __('Fees Apply', 'propertyhive') . '</a></span>';

    echo '<div id="lettings_fees_lightbox" style="display:none; max-width:400px">
        <h2>' . __('Fees Apply', 'propertyhive') . '</h2>
        ' . nl2br(get_option('propertyhive_lettings_fees')) . '
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