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Display a Google map showing the location of all offices, or just one office, using the shortcode:


By default this will display all offices and, if more then one, will zoom out to automatically fit them all into the view.

Office co-ordinates can be entered by navigating to 'Property Hive > Offices' and edit the property in question where you'll then see the ability to enter a latitude and longitude.


Attribute: office_id

Description: Display a map for a particular office by passing in the office ID

Default: (empty)

Example: [office_map office_id="123"]

Attribute: height

Description: Set the height of the map output

Default: 400

Example: [office_map height="500"]

Attribute: zoom

Description: Set the default zoom level.

Default: 14 if 'office_id' is passed as an attribute or if only one office exists. Otherwise it will default to 'auto' and zoom to fit all offices.

Example: [office_map zoom="16"]

Attribute: scrollwheel

Description: Specify whether using the mouse wheel should scroll the map

Default: true

Example: [office_map scrollwheel="false"]