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Overriding Templates

It's not possible to copy core Property Hive files and override them, only template files (the ones found in the 'templates' folder of the plugin).

Property Hive comes with a default set of templates, however it’s highly likely you’ll want to customise these in some way to match the look and feel of your own website.

If you want to change the templates you should never change the templates included within the propertyhive plugin folder as any changes may get overwritten when you update the plugin.

Instead, follow the steps below to override any templates you want to change:

  1. Create a folder called propertyhive in your theme.
  2. Copy the specific template(s) you want to change from %YOUR_PLUGIN_DIR%/propertyhive/templates/ to %YOUR_THEME_DIR%/propertyhive/

When Property Hive needs a certain template, it will look in your theme first, and if it can’t find it will then revert to the default template included with the plugin. This means you only need to copy the templates you want to change.

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