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Control which departments are activated for your Property Hive account, out of Sales, Lettings and Commercial as well as which department is the primary department for your system. If you have the Lettings or Commercial departments activated, you can also edit the text that is used for Lettings Fees information on your website, as well as specifying where this text is shown.


Disable any areas of Property Hive that you don't use and don't want to see. You can disabled any of the following sections: Contacts (Applicants, Owners/Landlords and Third Party Contacts), Appraisals, Viewings, Offers and Sales, Enquiries


Set the default country for your Property Hive system and also specify any additional countries in which you operate. To allow for differences between countries, you can also customise the punctuation separator for thousands and decimals in property prices. This will alter how it displays on your website and in property details.


Input the API keys for your Google Maps account. This will enable you to see a Google map when adding new properties and for you to use the Property Hive Map Search and Radial Search add ons on your website. There is also the facility to add a separate Google Maps API key to be used for geocoding.


Alter your Property Hive settings to help you to comply with the GDPR regulations in the way you want. You have the option to ensure website enquiries are only sent by email and not stored in the Property Hive system, and also the ability to customise disclaimer text to appear on the Enquiry and Applicant Registration pages on the website.


Property Options

  • ¬†Alter the logic when a user is searching for property by typing an area name. You can choose whether it matches the entered area exactly or whether it includes results which contain that keyword anywhere in the address.
  • If you have Commercial activated, choose whether the property search returns overall properties or individual units.
  • Restrict property features to be selected from a pre-defined list rather than any free-typed text.
  • Enable the reference number for each new property to automatically increment from the previous one.

Applicant Options

  • Allow applicants to create login details and edit their own contact details and property requirements within your system.
  • Toggle whether an email is sent to you whenever a new person has registered on your website. This will be sent to the email address registered against the office selected by the applicant.
  • Alter the upper and lower limits for price matching. This enables you to define the boundaries for which value properties an applicant would match with, based on their input maximum price.

Property Media Storage

  • Define whether media is stored on your Property Hive account as full media files or just URLs. The URLs option is possible if your media is hosted elsewhere and allows you to save disk space on your server if required. This setting can be altered for Images, Floorplans, Brochures and EPCs.


Update the address and contact details of your agency's offices. You can also add new office details from this page.